V Cuts Detroit


  • Classic Clipper Cut
    Clipper and scissor work. Includes most fades, styling with products, and a hot lather neck shave/wash optional.
  • Skin Fade
    Skin fade (low, mid, high). Includes styling/product, and shampoo/neck shave optional.
  • Buzz Cut
    Same length guard all over. No fading or guard changes (except for tapered neckline). Select this service if you just want your undercut or sides touched up.
  • Scissor Cut
    Scissor cut, short or long. Includes layering and light blow dry
  • 15 Minutes Or Less
    Light trim on ends or something under 15 min
  • Beard Trim
    Beard shape up/trimming/fading, line up, full detail, and razor line up optional.
  • One Area Wax
    Ear, eyebrow, nose, lip, and other face waxing.
  • 2 or More Area Wax
  • Simple Design
    Add this service on to any cut to make your hair a work of art!
  • Complex Design
    More elaborate design work as well as the razor finish and lineup
  • Crystal Tooth Gem
    tooth gem application that lasts anywhere from 2-9months. $30 for one and $10 for each additional gem
  • 18k Tooth Gem
  • Hair and Makeup Application